Thursday, 24 November 2011

Island of the misfit knitwear

One of the good things about Iona is that hats, gloves and scarves are always appreciated- any patterns that didn't quite come out right, or got altered too enthusiastically go up there to wait for their day in the sun (or wind and rain, more likely).

The fingerless mitts I was knitting today are definitely taking a trip as soon as they're done. My boyfriend bought me some Colinette Calligraphy, and it's lovely, but the pattern for the right mitten isn't quite right (something which only became apparent while I was knitting it!). Bit of a shame, but I have plenty more patterns to knit, right after I make some progress on thick black socks for my boyfriend.

1 comment:

  1. The thick woollen socks too big for me are now being adapted for gardening mats, so I can kneel and weed in peace and quiet! But, seriously, the hats and gloves are much appreciated in the winter storms when I go to the beach to dance and collect seaweed.