Thursday, 8 March 2012


My boyfriend, who is infinitely superior to everyone else's boyfriend on the planet, bought me Big Cashmere. Every other project has been put on hold since it arrived, because I needed a dark green shoulder warmer with pretensions more than anything else, up to and including tea and char siu buns. I ended up adapting the pattern for the cardi I'm neglecting, after trawling Ravelry, and not finding anything quite right- the one pattern I thought would work with the yardage turned out to be dreadful, and I wasn't confident enough to adapt it because I only had 400 metres (the website says you get 115 metres per 50g, but actually you get 80) and the thought of leaving any or running out was pretty scary.

There should be pictures at some point, when I get round to blocking it and going to admire Jenny's latest project (rugs? Blankets? Her productivity puts mine to shame, never mind how she turns inferior yarn into such lovely things), if I can ever take it off. It goes surprisingly well with rose print fleece pyjamas, which I am still wearing because after last night's takeout, a two hour bus journey to college is a recipe for disaster and unpopularity.