Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh, so tired

Poor blog! College has been very busy and I have been neglecting it shamefully. All I've had space and time to think about have been equations and reactions and how best to bear the natural exuberance of my classmates- particularly during the rather trying Numeracy unit that's just started. Almost everyone finds it too easy, but our particularly narky lecturer has decreed that we don't get to do anything more advanced because he keeps coming across bad calculations in our other classes. Difficult to endure.

So the cheering fantasy of buying a bag of wool and heading for the hills is sharper than usual. Jenny keeps updating me with the progress on the cottage- a proper shower! Snuggly blankets! Central heating!- and honestly, it's all I can do not to say to hell with it all, I'm going up there and not coming back without a new cardi. I have one on the needles already, in a lovely dark green, but I've been looking for an excuse to order from Colinette again- I think their Prism yarn and the rippling stitch pattern would work well together. Definitely one of the different blue colourways, but which to go for? Sun on the sea? Stormy waters? The sky from the comfort of the Martyr's Bay restaurant, after fish and chips and before dessert? Decision, decisions...