Saturday, 3 December 2011

Keep calm and cast on

Spent the night with my boyfriend again- he lives in town, which is very convenient for many things (I've spent too many expensive afternoons burning through the local charity shops!), but not what you'd call peaceful.

Well, not when you're back from Iona, anyway. I've been hearing from Jenny about how peaceful the nights are and how nice it is to hear the rain on the roof when you're tucked up in bed with a book and a hot chocolate (or sitting in the veranda bit of the Argyll Hotel, who do lovely shortbread, but that's another post)- lucky her, she got a whole week up there recently! I'm on a full time course right now, so I'm stuck playing the city mouse until the holidays next year. I can keep a steady stream of hats and scarves on my needles, but the main benefit I'll be getting from them will be the soothing click of the needles.

Then again, there's no farmer's market on Iona, and I'm due at the local one for breakfast pretty soon, so I'd better wrap this and myself up. I ran out of money before finding the raspberry gin last time, and it looks too good to miss again...